Luano Creamed Honey 15.9Oz/450g


Do you know about our Luano Promise?

“Only Unadulterated Raw Honey”.

This jar of honey is exactly this. 100% Zambian forest tree honey. Without any overfiltration, pasteurization or additives.

Just as it exists in a beehive.

It’s color is dark gold with a glint of ripe mango.

The flavour is pleasantly deep with spicy tones, a hint of nuts and a rich floral aroma.

Sourced from Western, Central, North and South Provinces.

Weight 1 kg

Raw Honey


Food Grade Glass Jar

What's honey good for?


Honey has lots of nutrients and is packed with antioxidants. They protect your body from cell damage done by free radicals.

Honey is powerful against unwanted bacteria and fungus – a natural antiseptic.

Honey also soothes our throats helping with coughs and inflammation.


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